July Volunteer Spotlight – Hazel Witte

#WhyIVolunteer – July Volunteer Spotlight: Hazel Witte Meet Hazel Witte! She is a dedicated Election Protection volunteer from North Carolina. Her volunteer experience includes being both a poll monitor on the ground and helping to answer voter questions coming in on the 866-OURVOTE hotline. She holds a JD and a member of the DC bar. Q. Why would you recommend this volunteer opportunity to someone else? Voting is unduly complicated and people really need help- or they won’t vote. I’ve worked three elections

May Volunteer Spotlight – Russell Smith

#WhyIVolunteer – May Volunteer Spotlight: Russell Smith Russell Smith is an experienced volunteer and lifelong democracy advocate. He has served as an associate for Spiegel & McDiarmind, attorney for the U.S Environment and Natural Resources Division, the U.S Department of Justice and more! He holds a B.A from Yale University, JD from University of Michigan and has been an Election Protection volunteer both remotely and in person. Q: Why would you recommend this volunteer opportunity to someone else? It is a wonderful way

April Volunteer Spotlight – Bryan MacPherson

#WhyIVolunteer – April Volunteer Spotlight: Bryan MacPherson Bryan MacPherson is an active volunteer with Election Protection’s 866-OUR-VOTE hotline. He was previously a staff attorney with the Department of Energy’s Office of Hearings and Appeals and is now retired. Bryan now volunteers with a variety of non-profit organizations, but is an especially noteworthy Election Protection volunteer thanks to his longstanding commitment to the Election Protection coalition. Bryan has been a volunteer with Election Protection since 2004, helping voters with a wide range