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Alliance for Justice Fact Sheet on Permissible Nonpartisan 501(c)(3) and Partisan Contact in Voter Protection

September 27, 2008   ·  View/Download Document

The Alliance for Justice, an Election Protection partner, recently released a fact sheet outlining permissible contact between nonpartisan 501(c)(3)s and partisan campaigns concerned with Voter Protection. Under federal law, nonprofits "are prohibited from making communications to the general public that expressly advocate for or against a federal candidate; contributing (cash or in-kind) to federal candidates; and coordinating certain communications with a federal candidate or political party." Federal law permits, however, some cooperation between nonpartisan corporations and partisan groups for the purpose of protecting voters' rights. The fact sheet has "guidelines for when it's OK for a 501(c)(3) voter-protection group to talk with a candidate or party-and when it's not."

Click here to read the entire fact sheet.