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Election Protection 2008: Helping Voters Today, Modernizing the System for Tomorrow

March 10, 2009

During the 2008 election cycle, Election Protection provided assistance to more than ½ a million voters through our 866-OUR-VOTE voter services hotline, our interactive web tools, and our extensive field programs. The stories of those voters, together with our extensive and on-going dialogue with hundreds of state and local election officials as well as the experience of our leaders, partners and volunteers on the ground form the basis for our preliminary report, Election Protection 2008: Helping Voters Today, Modernizing the System for Tomorrow.

As Election Protection’s report demonstrates, voters across the country still face unnecessary barriers to the polling place at each stage of the electoral process. Voters were turned away because they did not receive their absentee ballots or because poll workers did not understand the provisional balloting system. They stood in excruciatingly long lines and lost votes on malfunctioning voting machines. Cynical attempts to prevent eligible voters from casting a ballot through deceptive practices were reported in a disturbing number of states and took on a 21st century character, utilizing text messages, social networking sites like Facebook and email. But the single largest cause of the problems on and before Election Day is our antiquated and cumbersome voter registration system. 

One of Election Protection’s leaders, Jonah Goldman, testified on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 in front of the Senate Rules Committee about the urgent need to reform our antiquated registration system. We’re starting to get Congress’ attention, but they have a lot on their plate. Our leaders need to hear from everyone who wants to see fair elections become a priority in Congress. Click here to send the 2008 Election Protection Report to Congress and ask them to act to modernize our voter registration system!


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