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Election Protection 2010 Report

July 22, 2011   ·  View/Download Document


During the 2010 election cycle, Election Protection provided assistance to more than 20,000 voters through our 866-OUR-VOTE voter services hotline, our interactive web tools, and our extensive field programs. The stories of those voters, together with our extensive and on-going dialogue with hundreds of state and local election officials as well as the experience of our leaders, partners and volunteers on the ground reveal continued evidence of persistent problems with our electoral system.  This experience informed Election Protection’s 2010 report, which provides a comprehensive picture of the problems voters faced when they went to the polls.

Voters all over the country face unnecessary barriers to the polling place at every step of the process. Election officials in Ohio failed to process valid change of address requests in time for voters to cast their ballots. Absentee voters in Pennsylvania had their completed ballots returned to them due to faulty post office scanners. Consolidation of polling places, excessively long lines and problems with voting machines prevented many from voting.

The top problems reported to Election Protection remain the same: problems related to our antiquated registration system, problems with absentee ballots, and problems with polling places and voting equipment. 

Click here to read the full 2010 Election Protection report.