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CAN I VOTE AGAIN? How to restore voting rights after felony conviction in Kentucky

June 3, 2015   ·  View/Download Document

Anyone convicted of a felony in Kentucky or another state loses the right to vote. But the Governor of Kentucky can restore that right.

I am ELIGIBLE to have my rights restored if:
✓ I have received a Final Discharge from parole or my sentence has expired,
✓ I am not under felony indictment,
✓ I do not have pending charges, AND
✓ I do not owe any fines or restitution.


How Do I Get My Voting Rights Restored?


(1) Complete the application form at http://1.usa.gov/1jHDdSi. In addition to basic information, a completed application requires:
✓ Information on your conviction (court, date, length of sentence);
✓ Information on your institution or jail (date entered, date paroled);
✓ Information on your parole (dates, name of last supervising offi cer);
✓ Institution or Federal Number;
✓ Case Number (if on probation); and
✓ List of charges.
                For out-of-state or federal convictions, this application must ALSO include:
                - A letter from the former parole officer confirming final discharge,
                - Proof that all fees have been paid, AND
                - A copy of the conviction/judgment of final sentence.

(2) Sign the application and have it notarized.

(3) Mail the notarized application form to:

Department of Corrections
Division of Probation & Parole
P.O. Box 2400
Frankfort, KY 40602
Attn: Restoration of Civil Rights 


Note: You must get your rights restored before registering to vote. The rights restoration process takes approximately 12 weeks, and voter registration applications must be submitted 4 weeks before the election.

Questions? Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.