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Real Stories

Latasha Carnegie , Denton, TX

Latasha Carnegie discovered that none of her identification documents met Texas’ new voter ID requirement when she tried to vote. She had a student ID and an expired driver’s license, but neither of these documents is accepted under the Texas law.

Larissa Chernock, Dallas, TX

Before she went to vote, Larissa double-checked the ID requirement online to make sure she had acceptable ID. It was only then that she found out that she needed a Texas driver’s license and her California driver’s license would not work.

Mary O., Miami, Florida

"There's a three and a half to four and a half hour wait to vote and I can't find out why." -- Mary O., Miami, Florida

Stefan L., Franklin Park, New Jersey

"We were filling out our provisional ballots against the wall of a fire truck." -- Stefan L., Franklin Park, New Jersey

Virginia H., Warren, Ohio

"They're turning young people away, even though they're on the voter roll." -- Virginia H., Warren, Ohio

M.C., Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"I was told that I already voted\x85 There was another Democrat standing next to me that was going through the same thing. He was trying to console me by telling me I wasn't the only one going through it." -- M.C., Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Mark, Chicago, Illinois

"A text like that is illegal" - Mark, Chicago, Illinois

Ernestine W., Harrison Township, Michigan

"I want to make sure my vote is counted." -- Ernestine W., Harrison Township, Michigan

Zaheer T., Chesapeake, Virginia

"My colleague waited 7 hours and 15 minutes to vote." - Zaheer T., Chesapeake, Virginia

Ron V., Arvada, Colorado

"I mentioned this the worker and he looked like a deer in the headlights... I couldn't believe it." - Ron V., Arvada, Colorado

Aisha A., Flint, Michiga

"Nothing was communicated by anyone that actually worked." - Aisha A., Flint, Michigan

Michael L., Columbia Station, Ohio

"All I'm asking for is verification of who I voted for." Michael L., Columbia Station, Ohio

Latrease C., St. Louis, Missouri

"There were a lot of us who had to fill out a provisional ballot because they weren't on the rolls." - Latrease C., St. Louis, Missouri

Carmen A., Augusta, Florida

"The whole situation just didn't feel right." - Carmen A., Augusta, Florida

John G., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I still don't know if the polling place is opened yet. If it is not opened by 10am, I am going to call the Board of Elections." - John G., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rick S., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I'm really worried about those ballots" Rick S., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Peggy N., Cleveland, Ohio

"It was chaotic, no one was directing or anything... they told you to vote anywhere you could, nothing was private and you could see who everyone was voting for." - Peggy N., Cleveland, Ohio

Letrice M., Toledo, Ohio

"I'm afraid my vote won't count." -- Letrice M., Toledo, Ohio

Marie B., Virginia Beach, Virginia

"They were letting people vote without confirming the voter roll." - Marie B., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Shakira F., Newark, New Jers

"We were asking questions and it was like we weren't there. They wouldn't answer us." Shakira F., Newark, NJ

Thomas H., Richmond, Virginia

"A man outside the polling place said you needed two forms of ID to vote" -- Thomas H., Richmond, Virginia

Tony M., Petersburg, Virginia

"When they unwrapped the machines, they were calibrated for Ward 1. We're in Ward 3. Everyone's frustrated." -- Tony M., Petersburg, Virginia

L.G., Trumbull, Ohio

How could they have someone working there who doesn't know when Election Day is -- the question is so obvious! I don't find it to be an honest error." - L.G., Trumbull, Ohio

Flossie G., Hampton, Virginia

"I suggested to them, 'they already filled out the form, why not let them submit it?' And they told me that it wouldn't be fair to go in front of others." - Flossie G., Hampton, Virginia

Dana P., Boca Raton, Florida

"It was chaos. Complete chaos." - Dana P., Boca Raton, Florida

Cheryl and Robin S., Newport News, Virginia

"I would definitely call it misinformation." - Cheryl and Robin S., Newport News, Virginia

Harrison, Florida

"I just wanted the right to vote. I don't even care about the candidates. It's not right." -- Harrison, Florida

Joy H., Alabama

"There are 26 of us in Alabama, and no ballots. Even my grandmother! She's upset. It would be her first time ever not voting in a presidential election." -- Joy H., Alabama

Sheena P., Louisville, KY

"They're passing the e-mail around. It's trickery. It's not true." -- Sheena P., Louisville, KY

April A., Tucker, Georgia

"I'd be damned if he gave up! But he did vote in the end." -- April A., Tucker, Georgia

Harvey D.'s daughter, Coconut Creek, Florida

"He's probably not going to get his vote in, and that's that." -- Harvey D.'s daughter, Coconut Creek, Florida

Anne S., Memphis Tennessee

"I'm particularly concerned because the Elections Commission extended hours of early voting, and if people aren't paying attention, they may believe these rumors." -- Anne S., Memphis Tennessee

Tina S., Wlliamston, Michigan

"Him not voting would have been unacceptable. He's as smart as he was the day he left college." -- Tina S., Wlliamston, Michigan

Anonymous, Washington, D.C.

"Some other people would definitely have been intimidated. The ADA was definitely infringed upon." -- Anonymous, Washington, D.C.

Anonymous, Hampton, VA

"The poll worker said, 'You look too young to have a disability. What kind do you have?'" -- Anonymous, Hampton, VA

Calvin J., New Jersey

"I voted in June, now I'm off the rolls? I'm very upset about it." -- Calvin J., New Jersey

Charles S., Live Oak, Florida

"I messed up and I admit that, no one's fault but mine. I made the mistake, and I did my time. I wanted to come out and do the right thing."

Martha, Florida

"There is nothing I can do. I missed the deadline and I cannot vote. What I can't understand is why my certificate was held even though it had the Governor's signature, approving my right to vote. All so three people could sign who don't even decide. I've been fighting this over two years and I still can't vote."

Sharon S., Norcross, Georgia

"If I had found out about this problem after the registration deadline, I would have been denied my right to vote. I know two other people who encountered this same problem. I believe they are trying to suppress registration and the right to vote. They are trying to frustrate voters. I am frustrated, but no matter what I am determined to vote. " -- Sharon S., Norcross, Georgia

Kyla B., Atlanta, Georgia

"The letter didn't say who notified them. I am an American citizen. The impression I get is that this is some type of intimidation tactic." -- Kyla B., Atlanta, Georgia

Patricia, Augusta, Georgia

"Ensuring that our votes counted was a multi-step, days-long process. My daughter and I placed multiple calls to officials and the matter was resolved only after a meeting at the elections office. I worry that other voters will not have the time to be so vigilant and that many votes will be lost as a result." -- Patricia, Augusta, Georgia

Edmund, Dresslerville Reservation, Nevada

"The county clerk said, 'Sorry Charlie, can't help you.' This is horrible. It makes my blood boil a little. We're a Native American reservation, that's another reason. I've been out there on the Internet, trying to get my story out." -- Edmund, Dresslerville Reservation, Nevada

Emily D., Grand Rapids, Michigan

"The Board of Elections said he'd advise not to register students in Michigan because it could damage financial aid and insurance. I wanted to clarify, so I went ahead and called the hotline." -- Emily D., Grand Rapids, Michigan

Lee, Des Plaines, Illinois

"I have heard about the same gimmick being used all over the country on the radio; democratic counties having polling locations with few machines. During other elections I have seen more machines but for some reason, during presidential elections we vote in a smaller room and there are fewer machines." -- Lee, Des Plaines, Illinois

Andrea, Oakland, Californi

"I was in a Hispanic and Black neighborhood, and it's so typical of this type of area -- not the right resources. The system at its core is problematic. Being in this neighborhood, having this experience -- it's just unbelievable." -- Andrea, Oakland, California

Karla F., El Monte, California

"I was stunned that they were that cavalier about it. I am certain [my vote] wasn't counted. I will have a bloody fit if it happens again in November." -- Karla F., El Monte, California

Matthew E., Mesa, Arizon

"It seems like standard operating procedure -- tell one person after another their names weren't on the list and they'd have to vote provisionally." -- Matthew E., Mesa, Arizona

Betty P., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The poll worker asked me not to report the problem." -- Betty P., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aaron E., Indianapolis, Indiana

"All I want is someone to give me the right information." -- Aaron E., Indianapolis, Indiana

Beverly M., Wilmington, North Caroli

"They said they'd count the votes that were placed in the box, but how do I know they'll do it fairly." -- Beverly M., Wilmington, North Carolina

Gary W., Dayton, Ohio

"Poll location assignments discourage people to go out and vote." -- Gary W., Dayton, Ohio

Tanya W., Indianapolis, Indiana

"She had been voting there for the past 20-some years. This new location was miles from my mother's home. I think this was done on purpose. No one would relay this message in error." -- Tanya W., Indianapolis, Indiana

Suzanne S., Tucson, Arizona

"My concern is that the rules aren't made very clear\x85 I'm concerned about college students everywhere." -- Suzanne S., Tucson, Arizona

Patsy J., Crown Point, Indiana

"When I asked him where those rules were written, he was unable to substantiate his claim." -- Patsy J., Crown Point, Indiana

Sue M., Gastonia, North Caro

"Someone's personal views don't bother me, but a poll worker doesn't have any business discussing their personal views which might affect the way a voter casts a ballot." -- Sue M., Gastonia, North Carolina

Darlene J., Upper Marlboro, Maryland

"My husband was told to vote at another precinct, although we have lived in and voted in the same community for years. I could not stand by and watch my neighbors become discouraged and leave without voting because of incompetent poll workers." -- Darlene J., Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Elizabeth M., Mesa, Arizon

"I specifically went on-line and switched my registration, but they never got it." -- Elizabeth M., Mesa, Arizona

Arthur, Dallas, Texas

"It's hard enough for a working person to make time to vote, it shouldn't be made harder by not having the right election judge there." -- Arthur, Dallas, Texas

Dwayne B., Clinton, Maryland

"There were five cop cars parked right out front of Grove Elementary. I had never seen cops outside of that school. I was even stopped for awhile. It all seems like intimidation to me." -- Dwayne B., Clinton, Maryland

Rene, St. Louis, Missouri

"Students favor a certain vote. I know they have had similar issues in the past. Students should not be getting turned away at the polls. " -- Rene, St. Louis, Missouri

Todd T., Murphy, North Ca

"I didn't get to vote because the supervisor didn't know the rules." -- Todd T., Murphy, North Carolina

Tanya W., Indianapolis, Indiana

"The machines were not replaced on purpose. I think people took their time because they know that the voters in the area are minorities."

Leroy D., Cleveland, Ohio

"I have a disability and get around in a wheelchair. I waited outside my polling location for one hour and then found out that the church had no wheelchair lift." -- Leroy D., Cleveland, Ohio

Anna C., Atlanta, Georgia

"It was odd, given how politically active this community has been historically. With enough notice and assistance from election officials, voters in this community would have readily gone to a new polling location." -- Anna C., Atlanta, Georgia

Jill K., Fishers, Indiana

"My ID was not checked. Neither were the others in my precinct. I was concerned that the voting system was not fair." -- Jill K., Fishers, Indiana

Ellen B., Coconut Creek, Florida

"This is Broward County. They do everything to prevent citizen observation of the process." -- Ellen B., Coconut Creek, Florida

Paul M., Signal Mountain, Tennessee

"They are trying to suppress voting in black precincts as much as they can. I stay on top of this stuff." -- Paul M., Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Melissa C., Henagar, Alabama

"It was very early when I arrived at the polls and the doors were open, so I cannot understand why election officials would claim that the voting box was locked and then not allow anyone to vote. It was even more troubling that no local official felt the need to address my concerns." -- Melissa C., Henagar, Alabama

Jacob, Los Angeles, California

"It was so frustrating, I waited all that time, I filled out a ballot and I know my vote wasn't counted." -- Jacob, Los Angeles, California

Janet F., DeKalb, Illinois

"If the university does not put an expiration date on the student ID, then a student will not be able to vote in Indiana. I believe this issue even went to the Supreme Court." -- Janet F., DeKalb, Illinois

Joe V., Gilbert, Arizona

"Some people who had to wait in line and then go home for an ID like I did would not come back." -- Joe V., Gilbert, Arizona

Connie W., Hyattsville, Maryland

"I need to check on my polling place for the election in November. More importantly, I have to make sure that my husband and I are still registered to vote." -- Connie W., Hyattsville, Maryland

Audrey S., Media, Pennsyl

"I've been a Democrat all my life. And now a poll worker says I'm a Republican? Doesn't make sense." -- Audrey S., Media, Pennsylvania

Adele L., Temple Hills, Maryland

"I was frustrated. I have voted in the same precinct for 21 years." -- Adele L., Temple Hills, Maryland

Monica, Galveston, Texas

"I put in so many hours for my boss, and he wouldn't even give me an hour to go and vote." -- Monica, Galveston, Texas

Maime P., Baltimore, Maryland

"I have lived in Baltimore my whole life. I was registered to vote at the age of 21 and now I'm 61 so I think I would know if there was another Maime somewhere around here." -- Maime P., Baltimore, Maryland

Al N., Boulder City, Nevada

"It's like getting to the bottom of the 9th inning and then switching up the rules and changing the scoreboard. Elected officials cannot just change up the rules to protect their friends. My vote will count." -- Al N., Boulder City, Nevada