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Voter Registration Deadline
Last day to request absentee ballot
Last Day to hand-deliver absentee ballot by 5 p.m.

Last day for voter to hand-deliver absentee ballot to Absentee Election Manager (usually Circuit Clerk) by close of business (no later than 5 pm)

Nov. 3, 2020 – Medical Emergency absentee ballot delivery

Medical emergency designee must deliver absentee ballot to absentee election manager no later than noon.

Last updated: October 2020

Voting Early & by Absentee Ballot

If You Want to Vote Early

Alabama does not have early voting, but voters who qualify for absentee voting may vote absentee in person at their local elections office (usually the Circuit Clerk).  For more information on absentee voting, visit the Secretary of State’s absentee voting information page

If You Want to Vote Absentee

DUE TO COVID-19 any qualified voter who determines it is impossible or unreasonable to vote at their polling place is eligible to check the box on the absentee ballot application that is most applicable to that individual. In the case none of the boxes are appropriate, voters can check the box which reads:

“I have a physical illness or infirmity which prevents my attendance at the polls.”

Other accepted reasons for voting absentee:

  • Expects to be absent from the county on Election Day;
  • Is ill or has a physical infirmity that prevents a trip to the polling place;
  • Is a registered Alabama voter living outside the county;
  • Is a member of or a dependent of a member of the United States armed forces;
  • Is a caregiver for a family member to the second degree of kinship who is confined to home;
  • Expects to work a required shift of 10 hours or more that coincides with polling hours;
  • Is an appointed election officer or poll watcher at a polling place other than their regular polling place; or
  • Is incarcerated in prison and has not been convicted of a felony involving moral turpitude.
Absentee Voting Rules and Deadlines

Absentee Ballot Application Procedure

  • Make sure to include the following with your absentee ballot application:
    • a copy of your valid photo identification
  • voter signature. (Signature must be original, electronic signatures will not be accepted.)

Absentee Ballot Application Deadlines:

    • An absentee ballot application must be hand-delivered or mailed to the Absentee Election Manager (usually the Circuit Clerk) at least 5 days before Election Day.
    • Business/Medical Emergency Voting:  Application for an absentee ballot can be made after 5 days before Election Day but no later than 5 p.m. on the day before Election Day, if the voter:
      • Is required by an employer under unforeseen circumstances to be out of the county on Election Day for an emergency business trip; or
      • Has a medical emergency requiring treatment from a licensed physician within 5 days of Election Day (a designee may accept and return the ballot)
      • Is a caregiver of a person who has a medical emergency requiring treatment from a licensed physician within 5 days of Election Day.
      • has a family member to the second degree of kinship by affinity or consanguinity die within five days before an election

Absentee Ballot Procedure

  • The ballot must either signed by a notary or two witnesses.  It will not be counted otherwise. Note ballots dated between September 28 and October 13 will be accepted without the requisite witness/notary signatures.  This is a result of a District Court decision that was in effect during that time.  However, ballots dated after October 14 must be properly witnessed.  If a voter did not submit witness signature, they should call their county election official to attempt to remedy the issue. 
  • The absentee ballot comes with 3 envelopes — one plain (the secrecy envelope), one with an affidavit, or oath, printed on the outside, and one plain pre-addressed envelope, (the outer envelope). Once the voter casts the ballot, the procedure is as follows:
    • Seal the ballot in the plain envelope
    • Place the plain envelope inside the accompanying affidavit envelope
    • Seal the affidavit envelope and complete the affidavit that is on the outside of the envelope
    • Sign the affidavit and have the signature witnessed by either a notary public or two witnesses 18 years of age or older. 

Absentee Ballot Deadline

    • A regular absentee ballot must be postmarked and received by the Absentee Election Manager no later than noon on Election Day.  
    • If hand-delivered, it must be received by no later than 5 p.m. on the day before Election Day.  
    • For medical emergency absentee voting, a medical emergency designee must deliver absentee ballot to absentee election manager no later than noon on Election Day.
If You Have Moved Within Your State

Moving within the Same County

Voters should notify the Board of Registrars of any change of address.  This may be done in person at the county Board of Registrars’ office or by mail.  If the voter has not updated his/her address within the county, he/she will be able to cast a provisional ballot at the polling place associated with the new address. The provisional ballot will be counted if the county clerk can determine that you are registered to vote in the state and reside in the area covered by that polling place.

Moving Between Counties

A registered voter who has changed his or her county of residence must register to vote again in the new county of residence no later than 15 days before Election Day.  If a voter who has relocated to another county has not re-registered to vote, that voter will not be permitted to vote in the election.

Election Protection Materials

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