Arizona: Every Vote Counts

Provisional Ballots

When are voters given provisional ballots?

Voters should be offered a provisional ballot if:

  • The voter’s name does not appear on the signature roster or inactive list but the voter (1) provides identification verifying their name and address within the precinct or (2) signs an affirmation stating that they are a registered and eligible to vote in that jurisdiction;
  • If a voter moved to a new address within the county but did not notify the county recorder before the date of the election. The voter must present identification that includes their name and address, which must be within the precinct in which they are attempting to vote, and the voter must affirm that they are registered and eligible to vote in the jurisdiction;
  • The voter is challenged at the polling place, and the voter refuses to be sworn or affirmed, or to answer material questions, or the challenge is upheld by the election judges;
  • The voter has changed their name;
  • The voter becomes requested an absentee ballot but wants to vote in-person instead.
How are provisional ballots counted?

A provisional ballot is rejected under the following circumstances:

  • Not registered
  • Registered after 29-day cut-off
  • No ballot in envelope
  • No signature
  • Signature does not match
  • Insufficient/illegible information
  • Wrong party (primary elections only)
  • Outside jurisdiction ballot
  • Voted in wrong precinct
  • Voted and returned an early ballot
  • Proper identification not provided by deadline
  • Voter challenge upheld
  • Administrative error
  • Not eligible
What can a voter do to ensure their ballot is counted?

Voters should check the status of their provisional ballot online using the state’s online tool

  • Visit the state’s voter portal:
  • Click on the top link, “Search for my voter registration.”
  • Follow the prompts and continue through the pages.
  • Look for “My Voting History” and select the specific election (2020 general) and the method you used to vote — at a polling place, by early ballot.

Ballot Deficiencies & Curing

What deficiencies lead ballots to not be counted?
  • If the signature on the early ballot is inconsistent with the elector’s signature on the elector’s registration record, the county recorder or other officer in charge of elections shall make reasonable efforts to contact the voter, advise the voter of the inconsistent signature and allow the voter to correct or the county to confirm the inconsistent signature.
  • If a voter failed to sign an early ballot, they only have until 7pm on Election Day to correct their ballot.
What form of notification is provided to voters? How can voters verify the counting of their ballot?
  • Local election officials must attempt to reach voters based on the phone number and email provided in the voter registration record.
  • Voters can check the status of their absentee ballot online